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A plague swept Pern, and life struggled. People died in droves, and those that survived didn't do so unscathed. They became...different. Some of them grew tails, or claws, while some are unchanged. The dragons, too, changed. New colours, extra limbs - and some even Impress to someone already a Rider. The whers did not escape the changes, becoming able to change their colours, and blend into their surroundings. We live in interesting times.

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News and Information

News and Announcements

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This is where staff will make announcements regarding the forum, as well as where news such as plot updates will be posted. Keep an eye out!
last post by Shiny in Mature Forums on Jan 26 2018, 04:09 PM.

Rules and Information

17 topics, 21 replies
All information pertaining to Kitaro Weyr's canon can be found here, as well as the rules for playing within it
last post by Serenity in Rucks on Jul 18 2017, 05:29 PM.


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Lists of who flies in which Wing, as well as who is who, are kept here
last post by Serenity in Rucks Hatchings on Sep 6 2017, 03:55 PM.

Subforums: Hatching Records

Character Administration

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Here you can find face-claims, availability, and character templates. Here, too, are accepted characters, all in their own sub-forums. How neat!
last post by Bellaphira in TH'LON |MIDNIGHT & ... on Jan 19 2018, 07:30 AM.
Kitaro Weyr


35 topics, 135 replies
The Weyrbowl is the very centre of the dormant volcano that is Kitaro Weyr. It is predominantly covered with grass, but there remain some small patches of forest, particularly around the ground entrance in the south.
last post by R'mer in Practice (Open) on Yesterday at 03:16 am.

Lower Caverns

27 topics, 158 replies
A series of tunnels and caves, the Lower Caverns serves as home for many of the Weyr's personnel, as well as a workspace, storage area and meeting place. Some of the deeper caverns, those below the water level of the lake, are partially flooded.
last post by Elstra in Trying To Sneak in Early (O... on May 22 2018, 03:51 AM.

Rider's Weyrs

8 topics, 26 replies
Each individual weyr consists of a large living area with a dragon couch and a ledge that looks out over the Weyrbowl, plus a smaller bedroom for the rider. The weyrs of ranking riders also includes a heated bathing pool.
last post by K'ran in Awkward Admissions and Hard... on Feb 4 2018, 05:17 PM.

Wher Tunnels

6 topics, 65 replies
The wher tunnels are situated at the south of the Weyr, with entrances facing north into the forested part of the Weyrbowl, which keeps them dark even during the day. The tunnels are a twisting network of corridors that connect to many other parts of the Weyr.
last post by Akori in [Handout] A Sting in the Tale on Mar 3 2018, 09:20 PM.

Weyrling Barracks

3 topics, 7 replies
Situated close to the training grounds, the Weyrlings Barracks are a system of large caverns that house young dragons and their riders. Males and females are housed separately, and each room consists of beds, dragon couches and foot lockers for three Weyrling pairs.
last post by Arilyn in Catching up on Nov 28 2017, 09:06 PM.

The Skies

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High above Kitaro Weyr, the skies are clear, and the true home of the dragons; while clumsy on the ground, dragons can display their full grace when they take wing.
last post by R'mer in Stretching His Wings (Open) on May 20 2018, 03:30 AM.

Hatching Sands

2 topics, 8 replies
An enormous cavern close to the heated rocks of the volcano, the sandy floor of the hatching sands is permanently hot, perfect for incubating dragon eggs, with walls worn smooth over the Turns. Tiered seats along the southern wall serve as an area for spectators.
last post by Serenity in Aria of the Soul on Jan 10 2018, 11:19 AM.
The South-West

The Wilds

4 topics, 17 replies
The vast majority of Kitaro Island is untamed wilderness covered in rich deciduous forests. Although the island has been fully explored, most of the island is uninhabited and largely left wild, home to dangerous species of wherries, poisonous tunnelsnakes and wild whers.
last post by WATM in Fun is all a matter of pers... on Aug 6 2017, 05:59 PM.

Subforums: Mating Runs

Memorial Garden

2 topics, 21 replies
A short distance from the Weyr proper, there is a large garden, with markers placed amongst the flowers and trees. Each marker bears the name of those lost to the plague. In the case of Bonded pairs, the names of both are inscribed upon the marker. It is a solemn, peaceful place, to honour their memory
last post by Larmisi in [open] One for Sorrow on Nov 20 2017, 04:05 PM.

Kitaro Hold

2 topics, 5 replies
Located just a short distance from the Weyr is Kitaro Hold. Although smaller than the major Holds of the North, it remains the island's largest settlement, home to both the Lord Holder, his family, and many others, most of whom are exiles or the descendants of exiles.
last post by G'halon in Freak of the week on Jul 27 2017, 09:19 AM.
Elsewhere on Pern

The Northern Territories

6 topics, 38 replies
Home to the vast majority of Pern's population, the Northern Continent contains many Holds, all the Craft Halls, as well as the six original Weyrs. It is frequently raided for supplies and candidates by the riders of Kitaro Weyr.
last post by Sanis in In Search of Aid on May 15 2018, 04:22 PM.
The Past

The Past

7 topics, 11 replies
For any threads, standalones, or plots that happen before the current setting - even before the Plague
last post by Sanis in The Journey to High Reaches on Aug 26 2017, 03:44 PM.
IC Archives

Plot Archives

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Flights, Runs, Clutches, Handouts, Hatchings, and plot threads will be archived here
last post by K'stin in Time to Make History on Sep 17 2017, 07:23 AM.

In Character Threads

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Where all non-plot threads are archived
last post by Terutsuki in [Lyn] The Point of No Return on Sep 19 2017, 12:26 AM.
OOC Area

General Chat

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This forum is for general OOC chat..
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Thread trackers, plot requests and wanted ads can all be posted in here.
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Advertise and Affiliate

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This section is Guest Friendly! Post adverts for your forum here - but one thread per forum, please
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Question & Answer

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Have a question? Post it here! Guest friendly
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